Discover some of the worst sentences that I have ever heard in my career or in my Everyday life. 

I would like us to share together some of the most absurd and shocking thoughts that we have heard whether it was in our professional life about our origin or our physical appearance or in our everyday life.

I will start by sharing some thoughts that were addressed to me in the fashion industry.
Share down below in the comment area the senseless thoughts that have been said to you.
We are confronted to these thoughts too much and they deserve to be denounced! This rubric will be where you can put out everything that you want to say so express yourself!

« You’re too black for a mixed-race woman.»

The form of saying mixed is verry explicit, it’s a mix between two cultures. Some mixed people have light skin color while others have a darker skin color.
There isn’t at all a basic colour for mixed people. We conclude that this thought doesn’t mean ANYTHING at all.

«You have black features».

We live in France where the national spoken language is French. We are very lucky to have a rich and diverse language that has the equivalent of the word. «black», «noir». The term « black » isn’t forbidden, saying that he or she is black isn’t an insult. It only means that you aren’t blind and that you are aware that the person to who you are talking doesn’t have the same skin color than you.
Now talking about the facial features, some black people have a thin nose others have a flat one, some have high cheek bones while other have hollowed cheek bones but so do white Asian and Arabs. There are as many features as there are people. Speaking of «black features» can only lead to a reductive and generalizing view of things.

« You’re pretty good looking for a black »

I’m pretty sure that we have all heard this at least once in our life. It’s as if we were the proof that not all black are ugly.
Everything in this sentence is wrong. The use of the term “black”, the sadly reductive and pejorative vision that some have of the black woman, in short, everything is wrong!
So we will just say once and for all that black women have been depreciated in the past decades, so that you can’t determine which of them are beautiful or not. If Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and Aïssa Maiga aren’t enough to show you that you are wrong then nothing will! And it is very possible that you will die ignorant.

« Black people do not have style; you’re the first one we have seen with style with who we work »

This sentence is just as sickening as the last one. The style doesn’t depend on the skin color (breaking news) it only depend on the kind of life we have had, the culture, friends and of course our likes.
Put a black girl in the 16ème (neighborhood in Paris) and you will see her start dressing with expensive clothes (yes not all black are poor believe it or not!)

« I don’t know how to style your hair can you do it yourself ? »

A professional hair dresser said this to me in a shooting. Imagine if a cashier said «I don’t really know how to scan the articles, could you do it? ».

« I do not have your foundation color..»

Said a professional makeup artist. I actually have a light skin color I can’t imagine what would have happened if I had been 100% black.

« Good bye FATOUMATA »

This is how a photograph called me at the end of a photo-shoot while he perfectly knew my name. I guess it was a joke, all the blacks (including mixed) are identical so all are called Fatou or Fatoumata or something like that. Besides the fact that this shows the lack of sentence itself is extremely racist.
Except if he wants to keep seeing black people as a completely different species, I invite the photographer who may someday fall on these few lines, to change his mind in the future.

« You have afro hair. »

My hair is curly. It took me some time to understand that for some people volume equals afro. Just as white women can have smooth, wavy or curly hair, black women too are not restricted to one type of hair.

“You shouldn’t forget the fact that you are “typed”, and that for a “typed” woman, you are lucky, you work a lot. Once a month on average, is very good, since some work every 3 months.”

It seems to me that being “typed” refers, for these professionals of the fashion, to the fact of not being white. So “typed” would be everything that is not white. As if the white color were to be the base from which all non-white models should be defined.
In addition, this “Oscar” implies that as a mixed model I should feel happy to have work (even if it’s only a monthly cast). So I should keep quiet and accept the reality of things that being a mixed person and being a full-time model don’t fit together…

« I wanted a black woman, but not that black, rather brown with an occidental aspect.»

I don’t know about you, but I have never heard of someone looking for a white person with a black aspect. What did this professional mean? Most certainly he was looking for a black model, but not too black since a black woman would be considered too “ethnic” or even “exotic.”
In the opposite way, a black woman with clear skin is much better because it’s “exotic” but not too much. The white people can still identify with her a little more than with a completely black woman.

«it’s changed since slavery, for once it’s the black over the white.»

I present to you the sentence said to me by a professional photographer during a photo shoot where I had to catch the head of a white model for a photo. She was sitting on the floor and I was on top. I suppose the photographer was showing off his humorous part.
It’s true that we can laugh at everything, don’t you think? Even at one of the greatest crimes against humanity ever committed. A crime that lasted for nearly 400 years where more than 11 million people were killed and that we can still see the consequences till this day.