My mission is to extend the visibility of Ayika’a and to keep the visitors on the go through social media. I had to create digital contents in order to attract the attention of our followers and to make them interact with this project. – Raïssa Gbakatchétché

Who are you Raïssa ?

Hello the world! I’m Raïssa, student in artistic direction and digital design. I have a background in Marketing and Communication (first a Licence graduate in Information-Communication and a Master degree in Communication and Advertising) and it is, thanks to this group of trainings, that I found myself in “Communication Manager” on this project. I also intervened at different stages, as community manager, art direction assistant and graphic designer also.
Outside the paper, I am also a young woman, in love with beauty, curious and who often asks questions about almost everything that happens around me. And I grew up between several countries, which reinforced this curiosity, this desire to understand the world. I learned to observe and I like to discover. Art in all its forms, the culture(s) are part of the things that excite me.

Why did you join the project ?

At the birth of the project, Cindy‘s professional experience and her determination to make things happen, initiate the push. Indeed we start meditate to find a way to change things. For a long time, we did share as a group before planning and setting up this project. This project reflects part of what I’m thinking about and touch on sensitive subjects but which deserve to be discussed or denounced, even today. In the end, It speaks to all of us and everybody did his part of the work.
Take the time to visit this wonderful site and discover what amazing things came out. It is the result of convictions, thoughtful the work and beautiful collaborations.

Everybody did his part of work

What did it bring to you ?

By the end of my studying year, working on this project allow me to do many things that I really like practice. I think to add “Ayika’a” to my portfolio, but you can already find my work by clicking on my links. Do not hesitate to visit my social networks.

See you soon!