In charge to insure the external communication of the Ayika’a project, I used my editorial competences and my motivation to provide clear, precise and attractive content to the eyes, I hope, of our future followers. – Loren Fadika

Can you tell us who you are ?

Dear all, who are taking the time to come and discover our website. I’m Loren Fadika. I am currently in my third year Bachelor degree in Law and Political Science. I spend my spare time playing dramatic art that I practice in a conservatoire since the age of 12.

Why did you join the project ?

When Cindy came to me with her desire to built what will become later the Ayika’a project, I immediately felt the willingness to give her my help. Then, I became in charge of the external communication of Ayika’a.

« Make something or someone visible by the others»

If I wanted to help in this project, It’s mostly because Dramatic arts allowed me to be aware of the importance of representation (I mean “to make something or someone visible by the others”) and, by extension, the importance of the media and the fundamental role they play in the mental construction of an individual.

Indeed, I have the conviction that the consideration women have of themselves and the acceptation of their type of beauty is linked to a certain extent to the media representation of ALL women, as different as they all are.

I am not mentioning a superficial question, the lack of confidence that some women may have leads to irreversible damages that they impose to their body (skin depigmentation, hair straightening – burning and carcinogenic risk, traction alopecia, extreme diets …).

If the media, especially those working for the fashion industry, displayed more Asian, black, chubby, curvy, curly hair, shaved hair, with cellulite, with stretch marks, disabled women etc. as models for their advertisements or parades, we would accept better what we are because we would be aware that we are all beautiful and this with and especially thanks to our uniqueness.

What did the project Ayika’a bring you ?

I’ve always considered my intermingling as an asset which allowed me to perceive things through two different cultural prisms. The few racial reflexions I’ve been the subject of didn’t even reach me because I feel confortable with myself. Yet, while talking with models of the project and the other members of the team, I really noticed that we do not live our externality element as peacefully as I do?

Yes, if I had the chance to surround myself with enlighten people, I’ve understood that all don’t have that chance when I’ve discover the reflexion they heard. I can now say that Ayika’a is a project that open my eyes. Ayika’a was also a beautiful team work, human and a formative experience.