Taking pictures of professional and amateur models is a very delicate thing to do. Indeed, professional are used to cameras so being on a photo shoot set is a second nature. As for the models, they have to feel comfortable so that they can bring out the extraordinary potential we saw in them during the casting. It was a lot of fun! – Jérôme Jack

Who are you ?

Hey guys, my name is Jerome Jack I am a self-taught photographer living in Paris. I have been blending my passion and my 3D Graphic college studies since 2008. Passionate about fashion, I have been working for several years with creators like Nash Prints It, Danhome, By Natalia, and so on. I have covered many fashion shows and cultural events in Paris such as Fashion Weeks or music gigs. Ever since, my passion became my profession and all the people I have met so far, consider my photographic style as “bright and artistic”. After a few years of experience, I decided to become my own boss, left my job at Vente Privée and never regret it one bit ! Now i’m thrilled to present you my vision for Ayika’a !

I found it very interesting and topical

Why did you get involved with Ayika’a ?

I joined the AYIKA’A project, because I found it very interesting and topical. It’s a shame black and mixed women are still underrepresented in the Fashion Industry. It seems like in France, people are still uncomfortable with the fact of calling a black person “noir” (black) and a North African (North African) “maghrébin”. Instead, we use English terms such as Black or some slang that appear more “politically correct”. As if using the real words was an insult or something.

The AYIKA’A project is up to challenge the lack of representation of black and mixed women in the fashion industry. Don’t get me wrong : we acknowledge the progress being made in the industry and media but this is not enough. The world is all about diversity so let’s enjoy and embrace it as we should.

What self-improvement did you get it from ?

This project allowed me to work again with amateur models (laughs). More seriously, as someone who is part of the fashion industry, I have to admit that I don’t often work with models of color. I took this opportunity to rediscover and appreciate the diversity of beauties I was used to when I was younger! These women have such a huge charisma, despite not fitting the current beauty standards ! It was a mesmerizing experience to capture their beauty. Perfection does not exist in the world so why should women suffer to reach unattainable goals ? Taking pictures of a “perfect” model would be the absolute boredom!

Travel the world and I guarantee you, taking pictures of women with the perfect face, skin color and body type will be the last of your preoccupation. How about that old couple sitting on their balcony and soaking up the sun while watching their grandchildren play in the garden ?