To convince the key stakeholders of this project, we had to ensure dedicated communication. Therefore, my role was to provide promotional texts to famous people in order to offer them a partnership. – Evan Fadika

Can you introduce yourself ?

Hello, I’m Evan FADIKA, Currently in Business School for Trade Engineering. During all my 24 living years, I have been growing up with my double culture, French and Ivorian. Born in Abidjan in 1993, I had the chance to live in those both countries closely similar thanks to the colonialism.

Why did you join Ayika’a ?

Motivated to go back to CĂ´te d’Ivoire in order to meet the growing needs of my country in terms of economic and social development, I am particularly sensitive to the perception that other countries of the globe have of my native land, Africa and its many riches.

That’s why, this project, full of passion and professionalism, give me the desire to join as a member of the AYIKA’A Team with Cindy

The goal of this project is institutional and reveals blatant injustice in our society, a society with of great potential cultural diversity, but which is, for now, not being able to use to make its world harmonious.

Perhaps it is naive to believe that societal changes could be possible. The AYIKA’A project can be proud to contribute to this cause, already well begun by our previous generations. Changing is possible, join us!

Changing is possible, join us !

What did it bring to you ?

AYIKA’A allowed me to improve my skills in project management and learn about those differences which weren’t obvious before because of my job as a business developer.