Doing our models’ hair (cutting, smoothing, braid and more) was one of the mission that Cindy gave me. A role where I felt really involved about it because of the techniques required for such hair types as frizzy hair. In fact, I have shown my counterparts how frizzy hair are good to improve their techniques and creativity because of their complexity. – Biecha Ahmada

Biecha, can you introduce yourself ?

I have a degree in applied art and a diploma in hairdressing. That’s the reason why I proposed my application for being hairdresser as a volunteer for AYIKA’A project.

I am always looking for new challenges. I aim to improve my skills, discover innovative methods and sharing my know how to people and testing them on differents types of hair.

I consider this job as a real passion that keep growing and allow me to express my creativity and having an opportunity to enrich myself with experiences and meet new people.

As a hairdresser, I always had the chance to work in environments that I enjoy,  such as art, fashion and beauty industries to develop my artistic skills. In that way, I feel happy and fill by doing hairstyle to the people I meet during my career.

Why did you join Ayika’a ?

Being also a black woman, I feel concern about the beauty of natural hair in general. I dedicating myself, professionally and personally, to promote diversity and cultural integration. That’s the reason why I joined the project.

I feel in line with the project’s values and I encourage people to embrace their difference and being appreciated for what he/she is worth.

What did it bring you ?

AYIKA’A allowed me to practice my job on differents types of hair. It gave me the opportunity to challenges my skills.

Humanly speaking, I met a lot of people that are facing same issues that I have. The project allowed me to exchange and have differents opinions and perspectives about the topic ; and mainly discussed about artistics solutions that we can bring at our level.

By making my contribution to this project, I feel I participated to containment of those societal inequalities that people of colour are facing.

Please feel free to discover more of my creations on social media.

See you soon !